5 Thoughts on End of Year Giving

I found myself feeling embittered by 2017- with all the mess that it ushered into my life, the political noise, the tension and anxiety- and was looking forward to closing the chapter on this rugged year. But instead, the past few weeks have been inviting me to close the year out with generosity…. and it feels better than being bitter. Ending the year with generosity fees like I’m taking control of all the mess — and instead of letting it define my year, I’m re-writing the narrative on my own terms.

I am 100000% aware that end of year giving can’t be limited to just finacial donations to my favorite charity, and hoping that the tax write off also comes with a heap of cheer. So, here are some things I’m trying to end the year with:

  1. Giving my time and attention to people that matter to me
  2. Giving my resources to things that matter (financially, but also buying gifts from sustainable and ethical brands)
  3. Giving affirmation and encouragement freely
  4. Giving acts of service where I see opportunities to serve
  5. Giving myself grace for all the junk that I did or didn’t do this year, and looking forward to starting the new year off with a clean slate.

engineer + creative + sustainability thinker. trying to reduce the noise in my life. future dog owner.

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