life lessons i’ve learned from taking photos

  1. the world is full of dark and light. even when things are really dark, find the light- it makes everything beautiful and gives meaning.
  2. everyone is attractive. it’s just a matter of perspective and putting them in the right light.
  3. trying to do the same stuff as everyone else is the best way to be boring.
  4. always be prepared.
  5. it’s okay if stuff gets a little dinged up. people and memories are more important than things.
  6. everyone is awkward if you catch them in the right moment.
  7. try a hundred things in hopes of getting one right. the other 99? not wasted- they’re just collateral for the one thing that worked.
  8. don’t compare anything on social media because it’s a lose-lose-lose-lose situation
  9. i might be the only person who finds something cool. and that’s okay.
  10. you might be the only person that finds one thing cool. and that’s okay.
  11. it’s way better to smile. if nothing else you might trick yourself into having a good time.
  12. never lose your lens cap.

Chase Blood can be found online on Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr.
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engineer + creative + sustainability thinker. trying to reduce the noise in my life. future dog owner.

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