the storm on the horizon

i’ve been thinking lately about the great recession.

remember that little thing? it happened back in like 2008 and didn’t really end until a couple years ago.

for me, i graduated college and chose to go to grad school so i didn’t have a gap in my resume. i accumulated thousands of dollars of debt and had to fight tooth and nail to get a job when the economy finally did turn around… and i was one of the lucky ones. so many of my peers left the industry to do something else- teach, consult, manage, whatever they could find.

but my manager at work- he has a different story. he’s a generation older than me, and he worked through the great recession. he saw the company collapse by 75% — and those that stuck around went on reduced salary or unpaid leave. and his retirement fund sunk.

and the generation above him? same story. except they had more to lose. billions of dollars of retirement funds lost means billions of dollars of wages need to be paid out to those people so they can keep living.

that’s creating a lot of problems.

but the entrepreneur in me knows that when problems bubble up, so do opportunities for new ventures.

so i’ve been dreaming about what those problems might look like- to have a workforce full of 80 year old people, incapable of rotating PDF’s but making six figures. a workforce that’s firing respected leaders in order to meet the bottom line and hire some young gun that needs training and good leadership — which is being cut to make room for them.

i don’t know the answer. my dad was a teacher so he has a pension plan. my mom lives off social security because her debt is (i think?) paid off. they have a house, and two cars. their expenses are minimal. but they’re one of the lucky ones.

i’ve had a chip on my shoulder because the baby boomer generation made the great recession with their loose banking and loose mortgages. their greed cost me a lot.

but their greed cost their brother even more.

this civilization is turning ugly on one another. people are hurting and upset. and everyone’s blaming everyone else.

i don’t know the answer. i can barely see the problem right now. it’s a big one- jobs, insurance, healthcare, mentorship, turnover, company morale, training, leadership, sustainability, 401k management, and so many other things.

i don’t know. but i’m keeping my head up.

let me know if you have any thoughts. i’d love to chat.

engineer + creative + sustainability thinker. trying to reduce the noise in my life. future dog owner.

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